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House rules in Pension Silma

1. Please fill in the accommodation form, which you leave in the room.

2. Please respect the night quiet from 22:00 - 6:00 in the premises of the guest house incl. Its nearby surroundings (the garden, parking lot and terraces). Failure to keep the night rest may result in the MP patrol being called.

3. It is forbidden to enter the guest house in muddy or heavily soiled shoes. It is also forbidden to bring food and drinks from the restaurant. Heavy pollution of the facilities will be fined by the amount of min. 500CZK.

4. When leaving the guest house, please leave the key in the door lock from inside.

5. At the end of your stay, please leave the room by 10:00 – check out time.

6. Please dispose of the waste in separate waste bags at the reception or in containers at the main entrance.

7. It is forbidden to use confetti launch parties in the pension and its surroundings. Failure to do so will be fined 1,000CZK.

8. When the air conditioning is switched on, it is necessary to close the windows completely (the so-called ventilation must not be opened either). The air conditioning must always be switched off when leaving the room. Failure to observe these conditions may cause the air conditioner to be overloaded and malfunction, and therefore the air conditioner will be turned off and the remote control removed. Air conditioning will be made available to the guest again and charged at 100CZK/day, subject to the above conditions.

9. The pension is strictly non-smoking. This prohibition also applies to toilets and smoking from windows in rooms. Failure to comply with the smoking ban will be fined 1,000CZK.

10. We ask our guests not to rent room equipment such as hangers, TV / air conditioning controls incl. batteries, toilet paper, towels and bath towels, etc. They forget to return them


Published 10.12.2020

Dear guests, we now have an accelerated 100/10 Mbs internet on our guesthouse, which will also make your stay or visit with us on Silma more pleasant. We look forward to seeing you!😉

Self-service accommodation is available for clients arriving later in the night. The condition is to book a room online on our website and pay it through the payment gate. Subsequently, the client will receive a SMS message with the box number and PIN for the room keys.

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